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The Vault from “Prisoner of Hope” is a membership community which offers a comprehensive library of videos, resources, and tools strategically designed to prepare and support you on your path following life during & after incarceration, or the incarceration of a loved one. We are happy to have you here, and we are eager to help guide you using the words and wisdom from professionals and individuals who have shared experiences similar to yours first-hand. Please be sure to review all of the videos in our library as many times as you wish, then find your way down to our resource guide to review some next steps you can take within your area.


Monalisa Johnson is the Host of “Prisoner of Hope” an entrepreneur, an author, a speaker and a social justice advocate. While she maintains 25+ years of experience as the owner of an audio/video production and multi-media marketing firm, Monalisa has always taken pride in being a mother first. In 2012, when she got the call that her only daughter was arrested, her entire world was turned upside down. This was the moment that Monalisa’s passion to help other families in America who have been affected by incarceration began. “Prisoner of Hope” was inspired by Monalisa’s experience from going to jail undercover on Season 2 of “60 Days In,” now playing on A&E. Her primary takeaway was the observation that there is a human face to incarceration, and she’d wanted to go a step further to bring awareness to this issue, and begin the process of rebuilding the family unit in America.

“The Vault” is a culmination of Monalisa’s vision to create the help that was needed during her and her daughter’s experiences. The videos and resources included here are developed by the experts that have helped Monalisa with her challenges. Be sure to take advantage of the ability to watch from the comfort of home, or on the road, so that you don’t have to face the same mistakes and suffering that Monalisa had faced. Participate in building a community of peers who can support each other when personal social circles are unable to offer the same.

“Momma… I’m in trouble, and I need you to stop whatever you are doing right now because I need your full attention.”

I had been blessed with the kind of child who enjoyed giving to others. My daughter often found herself being the protector and caretaker of everyone. She was very active in school; she was the kid that signed up for everything. We literally did everything together, we did sports, had fish fries, wrote book reports, orchestrated sleep overs, held themed paint parties, rode the rides at amusement parks, we did EVERYTHING together.

So, when the call came in, I was not prepared to hear the words coming from my daughter on the other end. It didn’t match the daughter I knew. It was that surreal. With each word continuing from her mouth, I started to quickly realize something was wrong. Time was beginning to slow down. My daughter said to me; “Momma…. I’m in trouble, and I need you to stop whatever you are doing right now because I need your full attention.” I don’t know about you… but when your child calls you in a panic, and has a sound of desperation in her voice, your heart seems to stop. I could tell by her voice that something was terribly and horribly wrong. It just didn’t sound like my baby.

After months of courtroom legalities, my daughter received a 10-year mandatory prison sentence. She was going to a place that I never dared to dream she would ever end up. My daughter was going to a Georgia Prison. She was in a place that wasn’t suited for her. This was not the life of my loving little girl… But it was our new reality.

Fast forward 4 years: I have learned a lot on this journey of incarceration of a child. And now, as a mother of an incarcerated young woman, my job is to raise and love the woman my daughter has become, and love her through the environment she is in, to make sure her spirit remains, and she leaves that prison rehabilitated, changed and with her dignity intact. I am working everyday to make sure that prison does not take my daughter’s life and does not tamper with her spirit. Has the journey so far been easy? No, not at all. But my daughter is worth every ounce of courage I can summon to help me on this journey.


The primary goal of “The Vault” is to offer you some insight into the resources you’ll need to handle life during and after the incarceration of yourself or a loved one. This includes our expanding roster of the top experts in the fields of Finance, Psychiatry, Criminal Defense, Holistic Practice, and more. 

You’ll have access to exclusive videos from “Prisoner of Hope” Founder and Host, Monalisa J., focusing on topics such as visiting your loved one in prison for the first time, self-forgiveness, knowing when to share your story, and building better communication skills.


Monalisa J. in “Getting Over the Guilt and Shame”


The primary goal of “The Vault” is to offer resources and a community to our members.
You aren’t alone, we’re in this together.


We can’t always expect help and understanding from those in our immediate circle when dealing with the incarceration of ourselves or a loved one. This journey can cause a person to feel overwhelmed, lost, and without hope. When you don’t know where to turn, it’s time to unlock The Vault.

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