Positive thoughts are everything… A mindset shift is in the cards!

A positive mindset can make all the difference. In fact, it’s been shown to reduce the risk of various health problems and improve longevity! This is a BIG reason to work on thinking positively. Plus, you’ll feel better mentally. When you think positively, you feel less irritable and it can enhance your motivation. It can even lower the risk of depression. Overall, there are so many good reasons to shift your mindset.

I know this isn’t an easy thing to do, but with effort and know-how, it can be done. Let’s talk about some of the things you can do to make it happen.

1) Talk nice to yourself

Don’t pick yourself apart. Try not to compare yourself to others. When you start to experience negative thoughts about yourself, flip the switch. Think about the things you are proud of. What are you good at (talents, etc.)? What do you like about your appearance? And, so on. Be easier on yourself.

2) Rethink your thinking

Pay attention to your thoughts. If you notice a negative pattern it’s time for restructuring. Think about things that make you happy, things that are more positive in nature. Consider how you might think about situations differently. Look for the good when something bad happens, for example.

3) Commit to a regular fitness routine

Regular exercise is good for you. It can improve your mood and physical health. And, those endorphins can help you feel good. So, make time during your week for exercise.

4) Spend time with people who exude positivity

The people you’re around can affect your mental well-being. Stick to people who are positive and you’re bound to feel uplifted.

5) Look for reasons to laugh

Sometimes it’s difficult to laugh (or even smile) but in these times, we need to try. Find something that can lift your spirits and give you a laugh.

6) Get your day started on the right foot

How you start your day can set the mood for the rest of it. Think about things you’re thankful for first thing in the morning, tell yourself something you like about yourself, and listen to good music that cheers you up.

Thinking positively can improve your wellbeing, so if this is something you struggle with, start working on it today. It’s definitely worth the time and effort. And, when it becomes more second nature, you’ll be glad you put in the work.

[Monalisa Johnson is a licensed and ordained minister of the gospel and a certified life coach as well as a mother and entrepreneur. In no way is anything that she writes, speaks or shares considered medical advice or clinical therapy. Consider all that you receive to be life coaching and guidance.]

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