Get motivated and get what you want out of life

Everyone has goals they want to achieve. But not everyone achieves them. It can be a struggle to get and stay motivated. A great example of this is when the New Year comes around. People make resolutions and get super excited about them, but shortly lose interest and give up. It’s not necessarily that they don’t want to achieve their goals, they just lost their motivation.

Motivation is a hard thing to cling to, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make your goals a reality. You CAN do it. And I’m hopeful these tips will help.

First, consider what your goals are. Can you break those goals down into smaller steps? Creating a step-by-step plan can help you succeed in reaching your goals. Often, people give up because it seems too hard. So, we need to make it manageable. For example, say your goal is to lose 20 pounds. Break that down, so your new goal is to lose two pounds a week. This is more realistic. You can have 20 pounds as your overall goal, but you don’t want to focus on that. Instead, focus on a goal that is currently achievable. Two pounds a week is more feasible and less overwhelming.

Let’s talk about another step in staying motivated. Stay excited about your goals by giving yourself a reward every time you make progress. Let’s use the above example for instance. Every week that you lose two pounds, treat yourself to something (maybe your favorite smoothie or another specialty drink, or a new outfit from your favorite store). You could even put a few dollars in the “piggy bank” every week, and when you’ve reached your final goal, you can use that money to purchase something great. Whatever it is, make rewards a part of your plan from the very beginning.

Planning is another component of staying motivated and achieving your goals. You need to have a strategy in place. You don’t have to do it alone though. Bring other people into the mix. Motivation is hard and you might need a little help externally from time to time. Find some supportive people to keep in your corner. People who believe in you and help you stay accountable. Talk with them about what you’re doing to reach your goal. Ask them to check in with you once a week to see how you’re doing.

Don’t forget to stay positive. There are times when you may feel like giving up, remind yourself that you are capable. Find inspiration from somewhere whether that be listening to Ted talks, telling yourself in the mirror that you CAN do this, talking to loved ones, or reading inspirational quotes. Keep going! There may be moments when you need to take a break from your goal, but don’t let that break become permanent.

One last thing, keep a to-do list and make yourself reminders to stay on task. It’s easy to forget things, especially as you create new habits. Use your mobile devices to help you. There are plenty of apps, such as the calendar on your phone to help stay reminded of what you need to do. Get what you want out of life. Set those goals and hold onto your motivation. You got this.

[Monalisa Johnson is a licensed and ordained minister of the gospel and a certified life coach as well as a mother and entrepreneur. In no way is anything that she writes, speaks or shares considered medical advice or clinical therapy. Consider all that you receive to be life coaching and guidance.]

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